Dance Competition Alliance

The Dance Competition Alliance

The Dance Competition Alliance (DCA) is a newly formed association composed of a number of like minded dance professionals interested in creating guidelines and standards for the dance competition industry as well as recognize dance excellence in the industry.

The Dance Competition Alliance's mission is to provide a ranking, recognition and reward program for studio's across North America; to acknowledge those in the dance community who tirelessly inspire and empower young dancers to achieve their aspirations; to evolve, normalize, and improve dance competition standards & guidelines; and, to embrace and listen to recommendations of the dance community.

What happened to the Federation of Dance Competitions (FDC)

This past summer the majority of the FDC member competitions voted to cancel the Pinnacle Cup, the Gala, and the World Dance Championships among other things to 're-image' the organization. We felt the cancellation of these core programs and the decision not to move forward on others a major shift away from the foundation of the FDC. Ourselves, along with a number of other competitions opted not to renew our participation for the 2013 season in favour of moving forward together with an association that embraced a strong balance of recognition for studio's and individual's at a national and international level while growing standards & guidelines in the industry based on inputs for all its stakeholders.

FDC PCA Winner

People's Choice Award

One DCA People's Choice Award routine will be nominated at every single regional dance competition. A video of each nominee’s routine will be posted on our YouTube channel throughout the season. The winners will be selected based on the number of online votes a video receives. Online voting for 2013 will be announced in the near future. Watch for updates on Facebook and Twitter.

One winner will be selected from each of the DCA competition members. Thunderstruck Canada will invite the highest voted nominee (i.e. a studio director & one guest) from across all our Regional Competitions to represent us at the Annual DCA Dance Summit, so get out there and vote for your favourite routine!

Atelier de danse Carol Brouard from our Thunderstruck Canada Ottawa Dance Competition won in 2011 for their routine “Rude”. Project Dance from our Thunderstruck Canada Sudbury Dance Competition won in 2012 for their routine “Rude”