Jeff Valin - Managing Director

Jeff Valin

An entrepreneur with an extensive Internet & Marketing background and a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, Jeff has 15+ years of event management experience that includes Gala's, Festivals, Auctions, and various sporting events ranging from Ski Racing to Dance Competitions. His approach is Different & Direct with focus on having fun, matched only by the success of his endeavours.

Jeff has been involved with the Internet since 1991, beginning with the IPENet Information Technology Project, the first online course successfully implemented by students, professors and guest moderators from around the world. His core understanding of the fundamentals of the Internet, marketing and how the two work together provide a powerful skill set in the Networked Economy.

Jeff began his career out of University in 1996. Working with Victor Fedeli and the Air Base Property Corporation (ABPC), Jeff was part of a team that marketed the abandoned military hangars at the former Canadian Forces Base (CFB) North Bay to create a new Aerospace Industry in North Bay. The success of this endeavour was the result of building a strong brand and a comprehensive, multi-language, international marketing campaign. By 1999, each of the five hangars had a tenant, establishing North Bay as Canada's newest Aerospace Centre.

After ABPC, Jeff founded Perpetual Vision and has been involved in a number of Internet & marketing related projects and excels in event management. Jeff is recognized for his sound strategic planning for his integrated approach to marketing, communications and Internet solutions. With Jeff's combined expertise and experience, he provides strong leadership and strategic direction for Thunderstruck Canada's dance competitions.

Jeff is one of the co-owners of Thunderstruck Canada Dance Corporation and as the Managing Director is responsible for the general operation of the company across Canada.

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