Top Studio Calculation

We have introduced a new calculation for Top Studio. Top Studio is calculated using a point system rather then using routine scores. This fundamental switch will provide a more universal mechanism to rank studios. The old system used routine scores to decide the Top Studio at an event and worked well. Because routine scoring is subjective this method did not provide a good way to rank studios across our Regional events. Using a point system, we can achieve this objective. Using a combination of fixed and factored point schemas, we can also weight the number of points earned based on the number of routines competing at an event. Our objective is introduce a national ranking system we hope can be adopted across all dance competitions.

Point Allocation

Solos and Duo/Trios will be calculated using a fixed point system. Small and Large Groups will be calculated using a factored point system. Points will be allocated using the exact number of entries within a specific section and applying a multiple within that section only. Points will be awarded to the Top Five (5) routines from the overalls of each age group and category regardless of performance division. For example, we will take the Top Five (5) Highest Scoring Petite Solo Overalls regardless of the Performance Division.

A Group Section containing 10 entries or less will be assigned fixed points like the Solos & Duo/Trios.

Solo & Duo/Trio Fixed System Groups Multiple System
1st Place = 5 Points 1st Place = Multiple of .5 x # of entries
2nd Place = 4 Points 2nd Place = Multiple of .4 x # of entries
3rd Place = 3 Points 3rd Place = Multiple of .3 x # of entries
4th Place = 2 Points 4th Place = Multiple of .2 x # of entries
5th Place = 1 Point 5th Place = Multiple of .1 x # of entries