Lifetime's "Dance Moms" Banned from Thunderstuck

Lifetime's Dance Moms Banned from Thunderstuck

For those of you who attended or watched the live stream of our International Finals in Las Vegas this past summer it was no mystery that a film crew was present at the event. It was indeed, Lifetime's "Dance Moms" (currently being aired in Canada on the Slice network). Their participation was granted in good faith to help promote the positive impact of dance for our youth. Unfortunately, we were deceived by the production company. The show Dance Moms does not portray an accurate picture of the competitive experience we provide or the atmosphere we promote.

About a month ago, an official statement was released from Thunderstruck in Las Vegas and circulated by email. As a result of continued confusion, we have decided to post copy of this statement, clearly outlining the deception by the production company - Collins Avenue. It also contradicts statements that company President, Jeff Collins made recently to TMZ wherein "Collins also insists the show has not had any problems with any of the other competitions featured on Dance Moms ... claiming the show has been welcomed back for Season 2 by every organization except StarQuest."

We do not carry any ill will towards Abbey Lee, her studio, dancers or parents (Moms), however, Collins Avenue are not welcome at any future Thunderstruck Regional Dance Competition or our International Finals.

Here is a copy of the statement issued by Jeremy Fullam, International Director:

Whether you love or hate Lifetime's "Dance Mom's", you can be assured of one thing, they will NOT be allowed to film at any Thunderstruck Dance Competition this season.

This decision was based on their misinformation to us last year when booking with us. We were told by them that this was going to be a television show following around a dancer (like a documentary) and was called "Just Dance". The entries sent to us for our Finals were from a studio called "Collins Avenue" and NOT "Abby Lee Dance Company". I feel as if we were lied to.

That is not nice!

Thunderstruck Canada set to Reveal 2012 Dance Competition Judges

Thunderstruck Canada 2012 Dance Competition Judges Reveal  

Thunderstruck Canada has been diligently working with our Judging Panel to finalize schedules for the upcoming season. Stay tuned as we will start revealing who is going to be judging which competition. The reveal is starting tomorrow both on the website and on Facebook.

We are very proud of our Panel for 2012. There are a number of considerations that go into this process to ensure that we continue to deliver the best adjudication possible to dancers and studio's. From balancing the specialities on each panel to ensuring that 2011 judges are not returning to the same city combined with availability, it is a time-consuming process.

Each Judge on our panel has passed through an interview, recommendation and accreditation process to ensure they meet the Adjudication standard set by Michelle Brownlee, our Artistic Director (and accomplished Judge in her own right).

International Finals Live Stream

Internationals Dance Down is now Streaming Live Check it Out!!!

2011 FDC Peoples Choice winner has been selected, and it's "RUDE"!

FDC's Peoples Choice Award

The Federation of Dance Competitions (FDC) Peoples Choice Online Vote has ended and Atelier de danse Carole Brouard's routine "Rude" beat out the entries from all the Thunderstruck Regionals across North America with the most online votes.

Atelier de danse Carole Brouard will represent Thunderstruck at the annual FDC Gala in Dallas this August with an expense paid trip courtesy of Thunderstruck.

Thank you to everyone that voted and congratulations to Carole and her dancers from that routine. It is great that they will represent Canada at this event.

Here is a link to our YouTube Channel where you can watch the winning routine "Rude".

FDC People's Choice

Canadian Dance Competition Blog

Thunderstruck Canada Blog  

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