Dance Competition Awards

Thunderstruck Canada Awards

Award Ceremonies

At each Dance Competition, Thunderstruck Canada's will host a number of Award ceremonies. Typically, we will host two per day, sometimes three depending the entries in a division (divisions may be combined based on number of entries). We make every effort to ensure that award ceremonies for Petite's and Junior's occur earlier in the day so they can return home (or hotel) at a respectable hour.

Award ceremonies will include both performance (adjudications) and overall awards. Each adjudicator will also make a Judge's Choice selection. Three of these selections (one for each adjudicator) will also be selected for the Judge's Superbolt Award, presented at the Eye of the Storm Awards and recipient of Free Solo next year and one of three Scholarships to Nuvo, Jump, or 24Seven. The Eye of the Storm presentations will be made after the final awards ceremony.

Performance Awards

Each performance will receive a plaque recognizing their achievement based on the appropriate scoring scale.

Scoring Scales

The scoring scale was updated in 2013. The changes are very incremental, but have been done to better recognize top performances and tighten the range between awards. For more detailed understanding, please visit our Blog post.

Future Star Division Shining Star Division Rock Star Division
284.00-300.00 = Platinum Thunder 287.00-300.00 = Platinum Thunder 290.00-300.00 = Platinum Thunder
277.00-283.99 = Lightning Gold 280.00-286.99 = Lightning Gold 283.00-289.99 = Lightning Gold
267.00-276.99 = High Gold 270.00-279.99 = High Gold 273.00-282.99 = High Gold
255.00-266.99 = Gold 258.00-269.99 = Gold 261.00-272.99 = Gold
240.00-254.99 = High Silver 243.00-257.99 = High Silver 246.00-260.99 = High Silver
225.00-239.99 = Silver 228.00-242.99 = Silver 231.00-245.99 = Silver
210.00-224.99 = Bronze 213.00-227.99 = Bronze 216.00-230.99 = Bronze

Overall Awards

The Top 10 performances will be recognized for solos, duo/trios, small groups, large groups, and lines. First place and runner may be eligible for cash awards and/or gift certificates. If there are ten (10) performances in a division, there is a cash award, if there are 20, there is a runner-up cash award.

In addition to a trophy for each Top 10 placement we also give out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons to each dancer in the top 3 routines. These are not your ordinary ribbons, designed in house these custom ribbons are pretty cool. Dancers in routines 4 through 10 receive one of Thunderstruck Canada's many Top 10 crazy bands designs.

Overall Awards will be presented based on the following:

There must be minimum of three (3) routines for overalls to be presented in a division.

  • If there are 3 routines in a division - 1st place is presented.
  • If there are 4 routines in a division - 1st & 2nd place are presented.
  • If there are 5 routines in a division - 1st to 3rd place is presented.
  • If there are 6 routines in a division - 1st to 4th place is presented.
  • If there are 7 routines in a division - 1st to 5th place is presented.
  • If there are 8 routines in a division - 1st to 6th place is presented.
  • If there are 9 routines in a division - 1st to 7th place is presented.
  • If there are 10 routines in a division - 1st to 8th place is presented.
  • If there are 11 routines in a division - 1st to 9th place is presented.
  • If there are 12 routines in a division - 1st to 10th place is presented.

Please Note

We will always announce all top placements for Lines. For Lines that have five (5) or more entries, the top performance will be eligible for a cash prize.

Judges score sheets and video critiques from each judge will be uploaded for you following the competition. You can also access your scores from your online account.

If a dancer or group is not present to accept a recognition or award, we present it to a designate from your studio. If you miss your awards session and were not able to make alternate arrangements, please submit a ticket. Please, include the event, studio and dancer(s) name, the routine number, and the shipping address. We are happy to send your awards but you will be responsible for shipping costs.