Cash Prizes


Cash prizes for Overalls and Eye of the Storm presentations

Thunderstruck Canada offers an amazing package of prizes, awards and recognition for each performance and for our Top 10 Overalls. Winners of our Overalls qualify for cash prizes if there are ten (10) or more routines. A runner up cash prize is awarded if there are twenty (20) or more. Cash prizes are awarded for lines when they are fave (5) or more routines. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top mark routines in each division for Solos, Duo/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines.

Eye of the Storm Cash Awards

In addition to the special recognition our Eye of the Storm awards receive, which includes a gorgeous recognition trophy, the following awards also receive a cash prize: Dance Spirit, Most Entertaining, Dance Excellence, Off The Charts Choreography, and Highest Overall Score.

The Thunderbolt Solo is presented with a unique award. Please see the Thunderbolt Solo page for more information.

Top Studio wins a trip to our Top Studio Challenge (cash or credit option is available).