Competition Information

Regional Competition dates can be found under the Canadian Tour button under the Dance Competitions Menu at the top of the page.

Dance Competition Info

In general, competitions will start no earlier than 8:00AM and will end no later than 8:00PM whenever possible. Studio representatives, parents, and competitors are asked to refrain from entering the judging area. Any and all questions or concerns should be made to the Stage Manager or Competition Director.

Competitors are required to check in with the Stage Manager 30 minutes prior to performance time. In the event delays occur in the competition, Thunderstruck Canada will shorten slotted breaks between categories to get back on schedule.

In rare instances, there will be a small entrance fee to watch the competitions. This will vary from event based on a number of factors dictated to us by the theatre in terms of their ticketing fee, theatre improvement fund, and the taxes. We will make every effort to package a weekend rate. This information will be detailed on the event page for each regional.

The events run a number of special effects including lighting and haze (smoke effect that is 100 % safe, comprised of water and sugar). The purpose is to enhance the dancers experience and audience experience as well as the memories captured in photos and video. If you have any concerns they should be addressed before the competition.

At Thunderstruck Canada, we run very efficiently and from time-to-time will get ahead of schedule. Parents and guests are asked to be at the theatre at least forty-five (45) minutes to an (1) hour before the event so you don't miss the routine(s) you wish to see. You can always download our Web Event App that pushes live event times in real time. Please note that you need to refresh your browser to update the times.