Age Groups, Performance Divisions and Categories

Age Group and Divisions

What are the Differences

Age Group, Performance Divisions, and Categories Defined

Age Groups are determined by average age of all the dancers in the routine with the exception of the Adult, Teacher, Professional Rule (see below). Ages are automatically determined by our system when you register. The actual age breakdown is provided for your information.

Performance Divisions are one of three levels of competition. Studio Directors and/or teachers determine this at the time of registration. Further information and a guideline of how to select the proper Performance Division is provided below.

Finally, the category for a routine is simply the type of dance (e.g. Solo, Duo/Trio, or Group). These are also automatically determined by our system at the time of registration, but are detailed for your information in the section below.

Age Groups

Determining Age Divisions

Petite: 8 and Under
Junior: 9-11 years
Teen: 12-14 years
Senior: 15-19 years
Adult: 20+

  • The age cut-off for the calculation for divisions is January 1st, of the competition year. For instance if the competition is in 2013, then the cut-off is January 1, 2013.
  • For Duo/Trio's & Groups, if there is a decimal place, the total age is rounded down (the decimal place is dropped).
  • Our registration system will calculate the proper age.

Performance Divisions

We have three performance divisions: Rock Star, Shining Star, and Future Star. Each has a scoring scale which you can preview on our Awards page. It will be at the discretion of the Studio Director as to which performance division a dancer should enter. Please see Performance Division Guide for more information.


Solo's (1 Dancer)

The average age cut-off for all solo's is January 1st, of the competition year.

Duo's / Trio's (2/3 Dancers)

Add the age of each dancer as of January 1st and divide by the number of performers. If there is a decimal place, it is removed. For instance, for a Duo with a 14 yr old and a 15 yr old, the calculation would be 14.5 yrs. The ".5" is dropped and the age for the routine would be 14 and perform in the Teen Division.

Group's (Small Group 4-9 Dancers, Large Group 10-19 Dancers, Line 20+ Dancers)

Add the age of each dancer as of January 1st and divide by the number of performers. If there is a decimal place, it is removed. If a section is too small for an overall, we reserve the right to create a battle. Routines will be adjudicated in their performance division but ranked in the overalls together.

Adult / Teacher / Professional Rule

Any performer 20 years or older is considered an Adult. Teachers or professional dancers of any age are included in this division. A teacher is someone who teaches full-time and is no longer engaged in regular classes. If you have a dancer that provides instruction but is also engaged in regular classes week-to-week, they do not fall into this category.

Any routine competing in any specific category, containing one (1) adult or professional/teacher dancer must perform in the Adult Division. An entry found using a professional or teacher, will be switched, and may be penalized or disqualified at the discretion of the competition director.

The Adult Age Division has its own Performance Division called Rising Star. All routines in this age category also compete in this performance division.

Exception to Age Calculation Rule

At the discretion of the Studio Director/Choreographer, when the most experienced dancer(s) may be in a higher age division than the actual age calculation, and the routine belongs in the higher division, the Studio Director/Choreographer can have the routine dance in the division of the most experienced dancer.