Prop Information

Prop Information


Routines that require prop set-up must select the prop option during registration. If a prop is added to the routine after registration, it needs to be declared before the deadline. Further information regarding the prop itself, including a brief description and any necessary details such as, size, weight, the time to set-up and remove it from the stage is required no later then 30 days prior to the event.

Prop Load-in & Load-out

Unless otherwise arranged directly with Thunderstruck Canada, props should be loaded-in and out the day the routine is being performed, space permitting in loading areas and back stage. Large props should be loaded in and out just prior immediately before and after the routine. Please respect that the loading dock(s) are for that purpose and are not to be used as storage or to park vehicles or trailers.

If you require access via trailer or truck, please make arrangements prior the competition so that your vehicle can be scheduled. We can not guarentee loading dock access during event days.

Prop Set-Up & Tear-Down Time Limits

Props that require more than a couple minutes to set-up & tear-down are subject to the approval of Thunderstruck Canada.

Live Props

Live props are acceptable but are subject to the following rules:

  • They can not make any action or movement that impacts the choreography or performance; otherwise they are considered part of the routine and must be added as a dancer.
  • They can not interact with a dancer or dancers in a way that impacts the choreography or performance; otherwise they are considered part of the routine and must be added as a dancer.

Acceptable Live Prop

Examples of an acceptable live prop would be things like a live person acting as statue, as a crowd (not moving), or a person sleeping, etc.

Unacceptable Live Prop

Examples of a unacceptable live prop and thus must be included as a dancer would be a statue that "comes to life" by either moving on the stage thus affecting the performance or initiates some form of movement or expression that has affect on the choreography. For instance, a statue that tries to grab a dancer causing them to react. Another example would be sleeping "live prop" that wakes up and in doing so makes a movement on the stage that affects the performance or a action that causes a reaction by the dancer impacting the choreography.

Prop Rules

Props are subject to the following rules for the safety of dancers, smooth operation of the event and protection of the stage and flooring:

  • Dancers cannot exceed six (6) feet in height on a prop without safety measures in place approved by Thunderstruck Canada.
  • Props cannot include any oil based products that may or can leave residue on the dance floor.
  • The use of hazers, fog machines, or other effects that would leave a lasting effect on the stage are not permitted without the approval of Thundestruck Canada.
  • Routine's that leave items such as feathers, flower pedals, or other debris that require clean-up are considered props and need to be declared so that we can properly plan.
  • The use of any prop that leaves debris on the dance floor that requires a wet clean-up needs to be included in the prop description and ail be accepted at the discretion of Thunderstruck Canada.
  • The use of glitter, flakes, or any other substance that is dispersed and requires a sweep and or wet mop that causes a delay in the competition requires prior approval and may be subject to additional fees.
  • Props that are significant in weight must be manufactured in such a way that they can be easily moved on an off the stage without damaging the floor. They must also have proper protection under the props to protect the floor from damage. These sorts of props may be subject to additional assurances and acceptance.