Routine Length

Routine Length

Why is Routine Length Important

Thunderstruck Canada monitors routine length. It is important to ensure equality and is it is also a key factor in the scheduling process. Routines that exceed the allowable time limit and have not enabled the extended time option will be deducted points. Extended Time can be selected through our online registration system.

How Do We Monitor Routine Length

We have three (3) different timing mechanisms in place so that if a deduction for time is made, it will be sufficiently supported. First, our sound technician documents the length of each piece of music. If the music exceeds the time limit it is a clear violation and the Adjudication Team Leader (ATL) is notified. Our host/hostess times routines (which keeps our Web App up-to-date), and will also notify the ATL of a potential violation. The ATL also monitors the time of each routine through the video recordings from adjudicators. In the event a violation is noted, the routine's music and video are checked by the competition director so the proper action is made.

How Do We Determine When A Routine Starts & Stops

Routines are typically timed from the point the music starts until it is complete unless there is choreography prior to the start or at the completion of the music. In these cases, this timing is included. In the instance where there is no music or for an a cappella routine, timing is based on the start and competition of the choreography.

Routine Length

Category DancersTimeTime Deduction if Extended Time not selected
Solo12:45One (1) point deduction for every 15 seconds in excess of the time limit.
Duo/Trio2-32:45Same as above
Small Group4-93:00Same as above
Large Group10-194:00Same as above
Line20+6:00Two (2) point deduction for every 15 seconds in excess of the time limit.

Thunderbolt Solo

If a dancer is participating in the Thunderbolt Solo, they perform one solo in this special category.

Extended Time

Extended time is charged at a rate of $2.50 (tax included) per performer in the routine. Extended time is added per minute for Solos, Duot/Trios, and Groups and 2 minted for Lines.

NOTE: Extended Time is automatically calculated by our online registration system based on the routine length entered.

Thunderstruck Canada reserves the right to increase the maximum extended time at its discretion.