Thunderbolt Solo Category

Tiffany & Co's Thunderbolt Solo Prize

A dancer from any Age Group* or Performance Division that enters three (3) or more solos can choose to enter the Thunderbolt Solo category. Dancers that enter will perform one of their solos in Thunderbolt Solo category, which will be held prior to the Final Awards.

The Thunderbolt Solo and two (2) other solos of choice (to be selected before the competition) will combine for your Thunderbolt score, an average of all three (3) performances.


The winner of the Thunderbolt Solo will be the dancer with the highest average mark for all three solos. The Thunderbolt Solo performance cannot be performed in the regular category.


The winner of the Thunderbolt Solo will receive a pendant specially designed for Thunderstruck Canada by world renowned jeweler Robert St-Onge. This award will be presented at regional dance competitions that have a minimum of 10 routines performing in the category. The Thunderbolt Solo champion for each regional will always be announced regardless of the number of routines competing in the category.


After a dancer performs their Thunderbolt Solo, they will be asked to remain on the stage and live comments will be made by the judging panel. Thunderbolt Soloists still get audio critiques and adjudication awards like regular routines. Instead of Overalls, the Thunderbolt winner is announced during the Eye of the Storm awards.

Routine Length

In your online registration, please be sure to enter a routine length of five (5) minutes for the Thunderbolt Solo regardless of the actual routine time. This helps account for the extra time needed for the live adjudication and will set the proper routine price.

Special Notes

The Thunderbolt Solo is subject to the same policy for other overalls. The Lightning Bolt Necklace (or option for cash prize) is awarded when there are 10 or more entries. If there are 20 entries a runner-up cash prize will also be awarded.

* Adults, Teachers, and Professional Dancers are welcome to participate in the Thunderbolt Solo, will receive critiques and live comments from the Judging panel, but are NOT eligible to win the Thunderbolt Title.