Adjudication and Scoring

Adjudication & Scoring


Thunderstruck Canada's adjudicators are educated and trained professionals in multiple genres of dance and are sensitive to the various skill levels represented by the dancers' differing ages, skill level and performance skills. They range from championship caliber competition studio directors, teachers affiliated with major dance studios, and choreographers with major dance productions to dance professionals currently performing. This mixture of age, breadth of dance experience, and extensive background in performing arts contribute to the diverse range of feedback our judge's offer all our competitors.

Feedback & Scoring

Adjudicators feedback is recorded for every entry and include their professional comments on the routine in general. They will identify things that they like and areas for improvement. They will score each routine for Technique (30 points), Choreography (30 points), Performance (30 points), Age/Skill Level (5 points), and Costume (5 points). The scores from all three Adjudicators are added together to reach the total for each routine. For Vocal routines, the choreography mark is determined by taking an average of the technique and performance score.

Adjudication Packages

Three judges will adjudicate each entry. Adjudication comments will be recorded during the performance and supplemented with their score. Adjudication packages will be provided to the Studio Director / Owner at the completion of the event, which will include a video file for each judge and scoresheets for each performance. Please note that from time-to-time, technical issues may result in a bad recording for one of the adjudicators or they may forget to record. We strive to provide all three each time and monitor the recordings but it is impossible to track three judges recordings 100% of the time.

Tie: In the event of a tie, the performance with the highest average technical score will receive the higher placement. If the average technical score remains a tie, a vote of all three judges will determine the higher placement.


We use an electronic scoring system that allows judges to have a view of the scoring. This helps maintain consistent scoring throughout the competition with criteria to ensure each performance receives a well-rounded critique. Judges also maintain notes for Judges Choice Awards and the Eye of the Storm Awards. Routines are scored based on the scoring scale of the performance division they have entered.

Scoring Scales

Future Star DivisionShining Star DivisionRock Star Division
284.00-300.00 = Platinum Thunder287.00-300.00 = Platinum Thunder290.00-300.00 = Platinum Thunder
277.00-283.99 = Lightning Gold280.00-286.99 = Lightning Gold283.00-289.99 = Lightning Gold
267.00-276.99 = High Gold270.00-279.99 = High Gold273.00-282.99 = High Gold
255.00-266.99 = Gold258.00-269.99 = Gold261.00-272.99 = Gold
240.00-254.99 = High Silver243.00-257.99 = High Silver246.00-260.99 = High Silver
225.00-239.99 = Silver228.00-242.99 = Silver231.00-245.99 = Silver
210.00-224.99 = Bronze213.00-227.99 = Bronze216.00-230.99 = Bronze