General Information

General Information

Registration & Draft Schedule

We encourage you to register early to reserve your spot. Upon completion of your online registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Once reviewed, a copy of your roster and your routine entries will be emailed to confirm accuracy. A draft schedule will be made available to you 10 days prior to the event. Exact performance times are subject to change.

If you cannot perform at your scheduled time, prior arrangements must be made so that you may perform without penalty. There is no penalty for dancing out of order due to quick changes or circumstances arranged with the Stage Manager. We usually run on or ahead of schedule. Please be prepared at least 1 hour before your scheduled time. Events will not be scheduled to perform earlier than 8:00 AM on any day. Every effort will be made to schedule the last entry to perform no later than 8:00 PM.

Competition Format

Thunderstruck Canada does not have a general format which we follow at our Regional Competitions. Every regional schedule is set up based on the breakdown of entries. The schedule is set up to best accommodate the competition and to use time in the most efficient way possible. This would not necessarily be possible if we followed a pre-determined format. In General, we tend to perform the Future Stars, then the Shining Stars and then the Rock Stars whenever possible. All the routines for a particular category are performed in the same block.

Refund Policy

Entry fees are non-refundable 30 days prior to a competition. Entry fees are transferable 60 days prior to a competition. You may apply registration payments to another competitor or another Thunderstruck Canada event between 60 and 30 days prior to a competition start date.

Scratches: With no exceptions, there are no refunds for entries that fail to perform at the competition.

No Show: With no exceptions, there are no refunds for dancers that do not show up for a master class.

Medical Credit: A doctors note must accompany a request for medical credit within forty-five (45) days of an event start date. In this instance, we will refund 100% of the fees to the studio. If it is within thirty (30) days, we will credit 100% of the charges to the studio against future entry fees. Injuries sustained at the event are non-refundable.

Please submit any requests for refund, transfers or medical credit by submitting a ticket through our Synergy Portal, please select the Registration & Payments category and include all of the pertinent information.

Liability and Release

For any dancer participating in a Thunderstruck Canada dance event, it is understood they recognize the risks inherent in dance and dance performances. Participation in Thunderstruck Canada's dance competition, special performances or workshops indicates the acceptance of such risks by contestants and their parents/guardians. Thunderstruck Canada assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property loss at these events. Thunderstruck Canada will not be responsible for injury or loss of belongings. Thunderstruck Canada reserves the right to disqualify any contestants infringing on the rules.

Photography & Video

Choreographers, teachers and performers automatically grant permission to Thunderstruck Canada to use their photos and for publicity purposes, including ads, television, videotaping and film broadcasting in connection with promotional campaigns whether they are in print, electronic or via social media. Thunderstruck Canada will post videos of overall winners to our website and social channels as well as additional photo's and video's at its discretion.

Any concerns or complaints must be received in writing to:

Thunderstruck Canada
CP 2674
Mont-Tremblant, QC Canada J8E 1B1

We are always interested in improving and receiving feedback. Please sign all letters so that we have the opportunity to respond to your concerns.