Music and Programs

Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada


SOCAN is a Canadian performing rights organization that licenses the public performance and communication of virtually the world’s entire repertoire of copyright protected musical works in Canada and then distributes royalties to its members and affiliated international organizations. This includes the public performance of music used in routines at Dance Competitions. Thunderstruck Canada registers each competition with SOCAN either directly or through the competition venue to ensure the performance rights license fee is paid in accordance with SOCAN tariffs approved by The Copyright Board of Canada.

Competition Music

Competition Music should be uploaded using our Music Manager accessible from your Online Registration Account. Information will be emailed to studios once registration is closed but you may also visit the Music Manager section of our Knowledge Base for more information.

Providing us with audio file of your music is easiest way to manage your competition music. We would rather you provide us the audio file you use to create your CD rather then get a CD for each routine. Simply upload your music to dropbox or provide it on a USBs or CDs. We play audio files through a high-end audio converter (not the sound card on a computer) to ensure the best quality playback. Please understand that the quality of the sound will only be as good as the source - this holds true whether you provide us the audio file or a CD. To better understand, please visit our blog on Understanding Sound & Formats for Best Quality and The History of Sound - Analog vs Digital.

Music Check-In (Providing Us Your Music)

If you are providing audio files, they can be uploaded to dropbox or provided on USBs. Music uploads must be completed the day before the competition starts. We can not ensure connectivity at all venues. If you are providing music on USB or CDs, they must be signed in with the Competition Director in the lobby prior to the start of the competition. We no longer accept cassette tapes. Any special instructions for music, such as pitch or fades, should be provided in writing when Music is signed in. The sound booth is off limits during the competition. Please refrain from making requests. Any questions or concerns can be addressed with the Competition Director or Stage Manager. Music CD's and USBs can be collected after the final awards in the lobby along with Adjudication packages by Studio Director / Owner.

Naming Audio Files & CDs

Audio files should have the Routine Number, Routine Name, and Studio Code on it. The routine number should include the leading zeros. For instance, 001-Performance_Name-Song.wav (001-Thunder_Performance-Thunderstruck.wav). Please note that it is pertinent that you respect the zeros in the performance numbering so that songs are properly sorted.

Music CDs should clearly identify the name of the song, the routine number, and the Studio name and code. Only one routine per CD will be accepted.


Each Studio is responsible to bring back-up music for each performance and provide it to the Competition Director or Stage Manager immediately if there is a technical problem.


Programs may be pre-ordered by a studio and will be on sale throughout the competition in the lobby at the merchandise table. The program pre-order is our attempt to both ensure everyone has an opportunity to get a program and reduce waste from over-printing. There will be random draws during the breaks. The majority of these draws will correspond to content hints in the program, plus they are a great keepsake of the event.

Studio Package

Each studio will receive a Competition Package which will include a program, copy of the rules and regulations, along with other pertinent information about the event. These will be available at the host hotel the night before the event or can be picked up at the merchandise/program table.