Performance Rules

Performance Rules

Prop Rule

For safety measures, a dancer may not be physically placed on a prop/scenic piece that is more than 6ft high. Fire, swords, knives and live animals are strictly prohibited on stage and at all venues. No special scenery, lighting, smoke, dry ice or electrical devices may be used. Contestants are responsible for getting props on and off stage as quickly as possible. Please see our Prop Information page for details about declaring props for a routine, load-in / load-out, set-up / tear-down, and specific prop rules.


Microphones may only be used in Song & Dance or Vocal categories. We will provide one (1) handheld microphone. Additional mics must be provided by the studio or arranged in advance. Productions are permitted to use mics provided the studios supply their own equipment and inform our office when submitting their entry form. In addition, they must inform the Emcee and/or Backstage Manager AND the technical staff of the theatre a minimum of 24 hours in advance of their competition time.

Lyrics / Routine Content and Inappropriate Elements

Thunderstruck Canada prohibits the use of inappropriate language backstage, in songs, gestures in routines or costuming and may result in disqualification. Inappropriate elements in choreography, costuming, including the use of dance themes with dark undertones (such as rape, murder, suicide) or questionable activities (such as drug use) performed in competition that lack artistic discretion is considered inappropriate. This is extremely subjective and sensitive as we do need to embrace sharing these themes through dance, but do need to be mindful of the age levels of all our audience. If you have a concern about a particular routine, please contact us before the event.

In the event that such a situation does occur, the issue will be addressed with the Studio Director. Disqualification is at the sole discretion of Thunderstruck Canada's Competition Director and/or Management.


Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected at all times. Failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification.

Marketing & Solicitation

No materials promoting your studio are permitted at the competition or allowed to be distributed. Solicitation of dancers, verbal or otherwsie from other studios is strictly prohibited. Violation may result in immediate disqualfiication


There are three occurrences for a re-dance. In either instance, a re-dance will be at the sole discretion of the Competition Director and Thunderstruck Canada. We reserve the right to refuse re-dances if time does not permit.

  1. If there are technical difficulties (such as a lighting or sound problem) a re-dance will be permitted with no penalty.
  2. If requested by a Studio Director, for none technical reasons (such as dancer forgetting choreography and wanting to perform the routine in its entirety), the performance will be adjudicated and marked, but will not qualify for overall awards.
  3. In unique situations, the Thunderstruck Canada and the Competition Director reserves the right to offer re-dance with no penalty.