Cori Jo Swanson - Hostess

Cori Jo Swanson

Cori started her dance training at the age of three in a small town located in Illinois. As she progressed Cori moved her dance training into the windy city, Chicago, IL where she began to mainly focus her techniques on jazz,contemporary, and hip-hop.

Cori's first televised appearance came to her during her teenage years. She was chosen to be a guest performer on America's MTV MADE. Continuing on, Cori and several others where a part of the opening acts for artists such as: Ciara, Tyrese, Chingy, Chamillionaire, Soulja Boy & Lupe Fiasco. Jesse Santos, NappyTabs, Matt Cady, Kevin Maher, & Chonqiue were some of many talented choreographers Cori was able to study with.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines became home for Cori in 2009. She was accepted, in Vegas, to dance professionally for RCCL. Being fresh out of high school, Cori sailed with Royal Caribbean as a dancer for two and a half years.

Following sailing the seas, Cori started judging for an American dance competition. Throughout the season she also traveled to studios throughout the USA to teach and choreograph. Cori is now back in audition mode ready to further her dance career!