Calgary Dance Competition Overalls 2012

Future Star Overalls

Petite Solo's
01) Dreaming In Colour Generation Dance Video
02) Little Angel Generation Dance
03) Favourite Things Generation Dance
04) Twist My Hips Generation Dance
05) Funky Petite Generation Dance
Petite Duo Trio's
01) He's Back Generation Dance Video
02) Moon Tundra Swan Dance School
03) Dance Salad Tundra Swan Dance School
Petite Small Group's
01) Geisha Grrrlz Absolute Dance Inc. Video
Junior Solo's
01) Big Noise The Dance Centre Video
02) Ragtime The Dance Centre
03) Flowers Tundra Swan Dance School
04) Roses Of The South The Dance Centre
05) Himalayas Tundra Swan Dance School
06) Elegant Waltz The Dance Centre
07) Jessie’s Girl Springbank Dancers Inc.
08) Wake Me The Dance Centre
09) Spring Of The Imagination Tundra Swan Dance School
10) Dresden Waltz The Dance Centre
Junior Duo Trio's
01) Ballet Suite No. 3 The Dance Centre Video
02) Raise Me Up Generation Dance
03) Let’s Go Generation Dance
Teen Solo's
01) Peacock Tundra Swan Dance School Video
02) Tang Dynasty Music And Dance Tundra Swan Dance School
03) The Wolf Dance with France
04) Get Into This Dance with France
05) Mr. Blue Sky Springbank Dancers Inc.
Senior Solo's
01) Closer Dance with France Video
02) Can’t Be Tamed Dance with France
03) Padded Walls Dance with France
04) Winter Song The Dynamic Arts Studio

Shining Star Overalls

Junior Solo's
01) Upside Down Generation Dance Video
02) Masquerade Absolute Dance Inc.
03) Wild Generation Dance
04) Saussurea Tundra Swan Dance School
05) Bossanova Absolute Dance Inc.
06) Son Of A Gun Absolute Dance Inc.
07) Cinderella Generation Dance
08) Run The World Absolute Dance Inc.
09) Love Is You Generation Dance
10) Wild Horses Generation Dance
Junior Duo Trio's
01) Hostage Absolute Dance Inc. Video
02) Hot Note Generation Dance
03) Can Can Generation Dance
04) Crabbukkit Generation Dance
05) The Couple Generation Dance
06) Shine The Dance Centre
07) If No One Will Listen Springbank Dancers Inc.
08) Groove On Generation Dance
Junior Small Group's
01) MJ Generation Dance Video
02) Bad Case Generation Dance
03) Life On Land Generation Dance
Junior Large Group's
01) Bed Bugs Absolute Dance Inc. Video
02) Loves Gonna Getcha Absolute Dance Inc.
03) One Voice Generation Dance
04) Drop The Bass Generation Dance
Junior Line's
01) Be Our Guest The Dance Centre Video
Teen Solo's
01) Love Is Hard Generation Dance Video
02) I Need My Shoes Dance with France
03) I Love Dance Generation Dance
04) Secrets Dance with France
05) Queen Bee Generation Dance
06) Walkin On Music The Dance Centre
07) Money Generation Dance
08) Top Hat The Dance Centre
09) Call Me Generation Dance
10) Like My Style The Dance Centre
Teen Duo Trio's
01) Good Golly Generation Dance Video
02) Forever Young Generation Dance
03) The Memory Dance with France
04) Jasmine Tundra Swan Dance School
Teen Small Group's
01) Standing There Generation Dance Video
02) Music Box Dancers Dance with France
03) Pay Me Generation Dance
Teen Large Group's
01) The Pirates The Dance Centre Video
02) Shooby Shooby Do Yah! The Dance Centre
03) Welcome To Hogwartz Dare2Dream
04) Bat Dance Dance with France
05) On My Own The Dance Centre
06) If You Go... Dare2Dream
Senior Solo's
01) First Time Maryn Bjorndahl Video
02) River Flows Kayla Barrow
03) Dream A Little Dream Courtney Dingreville
04) It’s Time Jenny Deyholos
05) Losing Your Memory Jenn Elliott
06) But I’m A Good Girl Mikki Patterson
07) Nostalia Maegan Vocke
08) Rock The Disco Kayla Barrow
Senior Small Group's
01) Birds Of Prey Springbank Dancers Inc. Video

Rock Star Overalls

Teen Solo's
01) The End Springbank Dancers Inc. Video
02) I Heard You Say Absolute Dance Inc.
03) Holiday Road Absolute Dance Inc.
04) I Got Rhythm Absolute Dance Inc.
05) Seven Devils Absolute Dance Inc.
06) Beautiful Monster Absolute Dance Inc.
07) Love Is The Drug Dance with France
Teen Small Group's
01) Pack Leader Absolute Dance Inc. Video
02) Walk With Me Absolute Dance Inc.
03) Muse Absolute Dance Inc.
Teen Line's
01) He Said She Said Absolute Dance Inc. Video
Senior Solo's
01) Hang With Me Springbank Dancers Inc. Video
02) Hold Still Independent - Patterson
03) Stay Generation Dance
04) Surprise Generation Dance
05) Bang Bang Generation Dance
06) Dreams Come True Generation Dance
07) Hurt Generation Dance
08) Cabaret The Dance Centre
09) My First Kiss Springbank Dancers Inc.
10) Rolling In The Deep Absolute Dance Inc.
Senior Duo Trio's
01) Temptation Generation Dance Video
02) Forever Young Springbank Dancers Inc.
03) My Mind Is A Box Generation Dance
04) Sweet Generation Dance
05) Last Time He Saw Dorie Generation Dance
06) Uncloaked Absolute Dance Inc.
07) Like We Can Springbank Dancers Inc.
08) Wear It Like A Crown Absolute Dance Inc.
Senior Small Group's
01) The Kill Generation Dance Video
02) Wanna Be a Gangsta Generation Dance
03) Great Escape Generation Dance
04) Good Words Generation Dance
05) When It’s Over Generation Dance
06) Upgrade Generation Dance