Moncton Top Studio Challenge & Dance Convention Qualification

Studio Qualification

The top five studios from the Moncton Regional Competition have qualified for the Top Studio Challenge & Dance Convention.

Place Studio Name
01 Dance Zone Performing Arts Centre
02 Dance Sync Inc
03 Bonnie Kilburn Dance Center
04 Fall River School of Performing Arts
05 X-treme Dance Studio

Individual Qualification

Any routine that placed in the Top 10 in the Overalls also qualifies for the Top Studio Challenge & Dance Convention.

Dance Off

If you have qualified at least one routine you are eligible to Dance Off additional routines prior to the competition to compete them at the event, please see the Top Studio Challenge & Dance Convention General Schedule.


Registration should be completed by the studio. Routines that have qualified will automatically be imported in our Online Registration System. Simply login, select the event and click the Routine List icon. At the bottom of the page, your routines will be listed. Simply select the checkbox of the routines you want to bring to the event and click add to event button. The system will import all of your routine information and dancers into the event.