Ottawa Positive Flash Gala Performances - 2013

Positive Flash Gala Running Order as of Saturday Night

The Positive Flash Gala is the highest scoring routine from studios with more then five (5) routines in the competition. It may change Sunday, so stay tuned.

Performance # Routine Studio
30 Diva Academie de danse Elite
333 Fresh Atelier de danse Carole Brouard
83 I Can't Do It Alone Canadian Dance Factory
266 Allegria CDE Dance Academy
244 A Rumor In St. Petersbourgh Dance Xtreme Studio
70 We Found Love Dimension Danse
174 Untouchable École de danse Louise
337 Furious Expression Danse de Beauport
129 Dream Le Studio de danse FOOTSTEPS
205 The Garden Peterborough Performing Arts Centre
340 Hype Remix Dance Academy
25 House Of The Rising Sun Sarah McClurg Music School
145 Shelter Sheila Parkins Academy of Dance & Music
179 Karma Studio 360
238 The Cup Song The Pop Shop Performing Arts Academy of Ottawa
121 Heads Will Roll TK Danceworx