Edmonton Convention

Edmonton Dance Convention

Edmonton Dance Convention Information

We will be hosting a series of Master Classes at the Edmonton competition that will include Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Musical Theatre. Classes are $35 per class or $95 for all three and will provide a unique opportunity to learn from some great instructors - Miha Matecvic, Jill McArton, and Diana Coatsworth. It’s a #ChanceToDance and expand your dance knowledge, creativity and artistry with the professionals adjudicating the dance competition.

Classes are scheduled not to conflict with the competition. It will be integrated with the Competition Schedule and available online. Hosted at the Theatre classes are open to dancers of all ages, adults and teachers. We encourage everyone to consider participating. If you are a not competing or you are a recreational dancer you are welcome.


Registration can be completed online (Note to Studio’s - Classes can be selected from the Event Participants page from your online registration until 30 days prior - after that point, please email dancer names and classes). Dancers interested in the classes should inform your studio. If your studio is not competing, please complete the online registration or send us an email.