Moncton Dance Competition General Schedule

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The General Schedule is finalized. Click on a session to see the sections that are performing.

Please remember to adhere to the House Rules. Photography & video strictly prohibited for the safety of the dance, and dancers.

The Capitol Theatre has a Theatre Improvement Fee charged for each person that enters the theatre. The funds are used exclusively to make improvements to the Capitol Complex and to maintain and upgrade equipment and systems. There will be a $5 per day admission fee that can be purchased daily at the box office. Due to cap limitations on the number of seats in the theatre, a week pass is not possible. Dancers are not permitted in the lower level, or the orchestra seats adjacent to the stage. They will have free access to the balcony.

Performance times will be provided to you by your studio director. You can also purchase the event from our our mobile app at The app pushed actual performance times and will also have adjudication scores posted after each award. Performance times are subject to change. Please be prepared to dance earlier than estimated performance time provided to you or printed on the schedule.

Change rooms will be open 1 hour before the start of the competition.

The calendar should appear in Atlantic Time with the competition start at 9:00AM on May 17 and with master classes starting at 8:00AM and competition at 9:15AM for the remainder of the event.

If the calendar does not display below, you can follow this link. You will have to navigate to the date of the competition to see the schedule

Our calendars support iCal. To import into your favourite calendar app, please copy the iCal links below.

  • Competition Calendar: A list of all our events.
  • Event Calendar: Schedule for the event. Note the Web App will provide up-to-date info on routine times.