Barrie Dance Competition Venue


You may or may not be aware but the Fisher Auditorium at Barrie Collegiate is now closed.

We enjoyed a great relationship with the school board over the years but have selected a new venue. It will be a new experience from the stage at Barrie Collegiate as we are building a 40' x 30' stage. We do this kind of thing at a number of events. Feel free to look at Facebook photos from Quebec City, Ottawa, Montreal or our Top Studio Challenge. We build stages for all these events. It is going to be awesome. There will be many upside's over the old venue.

  • Better lighting (the wash at the old venue was always a challenge)
  • Bigger Stage & Bigger Wings
  • Change areas adjacent to the stage
  • Clear cross-overs
  • Prop Dads - Easy Prop-loadin, storage and stage access
  • Lots of parking

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.