Dance Conventions

Off The Charts OTC Dance Workshops

Thunderstruck Canada's Dance Conventions are geared towards providing the highest standard and quality of dance education from a faculty of professionally recognized and qualified instructors. Each dance convention will offer a variety of classes at different levels and are open to recreational and competitive dancers from beginner to advanced. The training and experience will provide only the best, leaving students and teachers with knowledge of new steps, choreography, and improved technique. Dancers will quickly recognize and appreciate the constructive instruction provided by our internationally recognized faculty and it is our goal that everyone walks away from this experience with a memory that will last a lifetime.

We offer a number of different types of conventions, each with specific goals and opportunities in mind. Different types of conventions include optional master classes hosted at our regional dance competitions and mandatory classes as part of our Top Studio Challenge & Dance Convention. Studio Intensives are offered throughout the year and Dance Conventions each fall provide great workshop opportunities for your studio and dancers.

Regional Dance Conventions

We host dance conventions at all our regional dance competitions. Each will consist of a series of master classes taught by members of our faculty. At a few of our regionals, we also offer a full convention. The event page for each regional competition will provide this information. The options are also available in the online registration.

Star Talent Program

Designed to provide performers the opportunity to expand their skills in voice, theatre, and dance. Launching in 2016 in partnership with Broadway Artists Alliance, we will offer a master class and audition opportunity at each of our regional competitions next year. As a primer, there will be Broadway Artist Alliance master classes at our Regina and Hamilton events. There will also be scholarships awarded for the summer intensive at all our 2015 Regional Competitions in 2015.

Top Studio Dance Convention

Our finals, which we call the Top Studio Challenge & Dance Convention has a full convention for participants. It is also open to recreational and competitive dancers that are not competing in the event. There will be a series of Master Classes for dancers at each level.

Fall Dance Conventions

We offer a number of Dance Conventions throughout the Fall each year. Please see our event list for dates and information about the different styles being offered. These dance conventions consist of a series of workshop classes. If you are interested in having Thunderstruck Canada Dance Conventions in your city, please let us know.

Studio Dance Intensives

Let us plan and organize an series of classes for your studio. Our studio intensives bring the instructors you want and we take care of all the planning and organizing. Studio intensives can be master classes or designed as workhops.


If you are an individual looking for solo choreography, a studio looking for some help with competition or recitals, or a business / corporate brand looking for a performance, we have experienced professional choreographers across North America to meet your needs.