Star Talent Program (Launching 2016)

Star Talent Proram

Understanding The Star Talent Program

The Star Talent Program will be launching in our 2016 season in partnership with Broadway Artists Alliance (BAA). The program is designed to provide dancers with the opportunity to expand and improve upon their voice, theatre, and dance skills as well as offer opportunity to audition for performance and scholarship opportunities. At each of our regional competitions we will host a special master class with one of BAAs faculty and host an audition.

Students participating in the program will be rewarded with an master class that will push their skills to a higher level. They will be encouraged to explore the artistry of voice, theatre, and dance showcasing their energy, passion and imagination. The audition component will provide an experience in a professional setting, offer the chance to win scholarships, and potential performance opportunities.

Why the Star Talent Program

The program has been established to provide interested dancers with the opportunity to get extra training and learn some of the expectations of a professional performer, not just in dance but voice and theatre. In addition to the actual intensive's, instructors will pass along knowledge about the industry, about auditioning, and performing. This type of training and opportunity will help future endeavours in pursuing a career in the arts.

Star Talent Proram


Thunderstruck Canada is approached on a regular basis with requests to provide various dance performances, we have faculty that regularly cast shows, and Broadway Artist Alliance boast a number of performers on Broadway form their program. As part of the Star Talent Program, performers profile will be maintained in our database which will include a head-shot, list of their best dance styles, a short description of why they love to dance and auditioners notes from the audition. This profile will be updated from year-to-year so it's never too early to get started. This resource will be used by Thunderstruck Canada (and its faculty) and Broadway Artists Alliance to contact performers for any potential special events or casting opportunities.