Online Registration Guide

Create your Account

When you first access the registration page, you will need to create an account. You must enter a phone number and alternate number. These numbers must be entered using the format (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Completing Registration

Once logged in, you can select the competition(s) you are interested in from the list.

Our registration is a two-pronged process. First, you enter your roster of students and their age. You can always add additional students, delete and edit information. Once you have completed this step, you can add them to an event and then begin to enter your routine's. During this stage you simply enter the routine information and then select the students from the roster you created in the first step. Our system will automatically calculate Division information for you.

Managing Your Roster

Your roster is maintained by Thunderstruck from year-to-year, so if you have competed with us before and for the future you will simply need to add new dancers and archive any that are no longer with your studio

. When adding dancers to an event, simply click the check box beside the names of those attending to add them to an event. If you are not sure you can always add them at a later date. Please feel free to take advantage of this now rather then trying to complete things at the deadline.

Managing Your Routines

You can add, edit and delete as required so you can create routines without completing the rest of the information. This may also help you down the road as you can get all your routine's entered. To edit a routine, simply click on it from the Routine List. To add dancers, click the add dancers button.

Before Submitting Registration

Before you complete you registration, please contact us so that we can provide you with any coupon codes you may have qualified for.

We accept cheque, money order or direct deposit to BMO Bank of Montreal.

Our mailing address is:

Thunderstruck Canada
Attn; Jeff Valin
CP 2674
Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1B1